Women’s Leadership Training

Immigrant women Senior Trainers conduct interactive and discussion-oriented training sessions for 10 to 15 participants per session and two to four sessions per year. Many participants come from AIWA’s Workplace Literacy Classes and special issue trainings such as the Ergonomics and Workplace Safety. Women enrolled in the sessions take pre-tests and post-tests to assess improvement in their knowledge of topics in every session. As part of the training, women are encouraged to participate in AIWA’s current campaigns and committees. Over the years, the training sessions and trainers have received positive evaluation ratings in the 90 to 100 percent range. The women participants express particular satisfaction with the value of information, as well as the timeliness and importance of the subject matter.

The Women’s Leadership Training covers topics related to:

AIWA History and Grassroots Leadership

Civil Rights Movement

Language Discrimination

U.S. Immigration History

Community Organizing

Current Issues such as Ergonomics and Workplace Safety